A 1000 ft view on Deep Learning

With human civilization on the brink of a major breakthrough in artificial intelligence, an era of AI driven civilization is upon us. It’s not implausible to state that AI is the electricity of the modern era. Like it’s predecessor, it will revolutionize our lives.

On the core of AI is deep learning, the structure and function of an artificial brain to create an artificial neural network. These are strategies which are devised to imitate a human brain. Contrary to popular belief, the innovations in deep learning are not new discoveries. Researchers like Frank Rosenblatt created an artificial neural network in the 1940s. Interest in this field was dampened due to the shortcomings of the model, but a few researchers continued to develop these techniques in the 1980s and 1990s, and most of the current techniques are based on those. This pioneering was only possible due to the works of researchers like Geoffrey Hinton, professor at Toronto University and employee at Google, and Yann Lecun, director of Facebook AI research.

So, why is this time best for AI based technologies to thrive ?

Deep learning involves the use of brain stimulations to revamp learning algorithms much better with time. These algorithms evolve with time, making themselves better with each dataset they are introduced to. So, in this age of zetabytes of data on the internet such algorithms will flourish and we can build up very large neural networks whose performance increases with data.

So this is the best time for learning AI technologies to be a contributing factor to the wondrous future.

Source: Deep Learning on Medium