Adding One More GPU

Recently, I’ve bought one more GeForce GTX 1080Ti GPU so that I can have two GPUs for the training of deep learning stuffs. Initially, I worried about the driver problem and SLI issue. But let’s see how I installed it.

  1. I have one GeForce GTX 1080Ti GPU before:

2. And I insert the new one into another PCI-E slot:

Plug the GPU into PCI-E slot

3. Connect the power cable of one end to GPU as shown:

4. Connect another end to the power supply:

5. Turn on the computer:

Light is on for the secondary GPU
Closer Look

6. It should be already okay. But to confirm, login to Ubuntu, open a terminal, enter the following command to check:


We can see there are two GPUs right now:

Two GPUs are shown

We don’t need to concern about the driver problem. Also, I haven’t connected the SLI bridge to connect two GPUs. Because I only use it for training deep learning stuffs, not for graphics. :)

Source: Deep Learning on Medium