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In our previous blog, we talked about EZeeCHARITY™ — a function within the EZeeBUY™ app that facilitates charitable donations, so that EZeeBUY™ users can give back to the community. EZeeCHARITY™ was the final product in our Wallet Core Services Category.

Today we are going to begin discussing EZeeBUY™ services in our final product category: Retail Partner Core Services.

  1. EZeeBUY™ App Core Services
  2. Data Analytics Core Services
  3. Behavior Cluster Core Services
  4. Wallet Core Services
  5. Retail Partner Core Services

EZeeRETAIL™ is a retail partner platform for pricing, inventory and payment processing through a dashboard cloud service. It allows brick-and-mortar retailers to deploy EZeeBUY™ technology to transform the in-store experience.

Physical stores and e-Commerce are constantly fighting for consumers’ attention and dollars. According to Retail Touchpoints, while 94% of all retail sales still take place in stores, e-Commerce sales are expected to increase annually by 17%, reaching $414 billion by 2018. Changes in modern retail are required; every retailer must consider an enhanced digital experience to compete. Connecting a great mobile and digital experience to a physical brick-and-mortar location can be a great way to drive loyalty and increased sales.

Enhancing retail stores with EZeeBUY™ creates digital and mobile integrations that help parents and families through one-touch buying, parental approval options, and family-integrated wishlists. EZeeRETAIL™ can facilitate in-store improvements that include instant in-store payment, exclusive loyalty customer checkout lines, or options to pay in the isle and have the item shipped directly to home.

EZeeBUY™ are developing plans to onboard major retailers initially in Japan, then followed by the US and the UK. Using EZeeBUY’s advanced image recognition technology and image training algorithms, we can onboard any retailer in a matter of WEEKS to EZeeRETAIL™. Using our technology, in a matter of weeks any physical retailer will be able to:

  1. Let customers buy products simply by taking a photo of the item on the shelf, and having it shipped directly home (skipping any long queues at checkout).
  2. Provide experiential marketing for high-margin products, enabling consumers to experience the product in augmented reality right on their smartphone — enhancing upsell opportunities.
  3. Deliver enhanced loyalty solutions, whereby customers can earn and redeem digital vouchers and gift cards.
  4. Provide parents with time-saving shopping solutions for children, whereby children can simply browse the store taking photos of the products they want — using the ASK function in the EZeeBUY™ app while the parents can approve the purchase either in-store or from a nearby location.

EZeeRETAIL™ is a global retail partner platform that will transform the in-store buying experience. Despite the convenience of online shopping, consumers still crave the opportunity to touch and feel a product prior to purchase. Physical retail stores continue to fulfill that need. In addition, the retail industry faces increasing pressure from shareholders to provide increased profits and better buying experiences for customers. In short — all retailers are constantly looking at how they can be more effective in selling and running their business and seeking better ways to attract, retain and motivate customers to spend more time with them rather than their competitors.

The EZeeRETAIL™ partner platform has been developed to meet customer and shareholder demands by enhancing the customer experience without disrupting existing systems and operations. The EZeeRETAIL™ partner platform achieves this by leveraging several patented product offerings including the EZeeBUY™ smartphone application, EZeeBRAND sponsored advertising platform, EZeePAY™ wallet, EZeeDiNA™ image recognition engine, EZeeAUGMENT™ experiential marketing, and EZeeDATA™ analytics platforms to enhance the customer shopping experience. This will drive more revenue and profits for our retail partners.

The EZeeRETAIL™ partner platform can also be used to optimize floorspace within the retail store. With the ability to buy simply by taking a picture, fewer products are required on the shelves, since the purchase can either be delivered to home or picked up at an in-store express queue. This enables any retailer to create “experiential product zones” (potentially even sponsored/branded by manufacturers) where customers can interact with products, experience them and test them out …. then when they are ready to buy, just take a picture!

In our next blog, we’ll continue with our Retail Partner Core Services with EZeeEARN™ — our digital loyalty program for retail partners.

For more information about EZeeBUY™ or the EZeeBUY™ ICO, please visit www.ezeebuy.ai

“Buying made EZee — just take a picture!”

Source: Deep Learning on Medium