EZeeBUY™ Products & Services (7): EZeePRODUCT™

The previous 6 blog posts were all about the EZeeBUY™ products and services in the category of EZeeBUY™ App Core services.

  1. EZeeBUY™ App Core Services
  2. Data Analytics Core Services
  3. Behavior Cluster Core Services
  4. Wallet Core Services
  5. Retail Partner Core Services

The EZeeBUY™ App Core Services are summarized in the table below:

Today we are going to start talking about the next category, Data Analytics Core Services, and the first product in that category: EZeePRODUCT™

The EZeeBUY™ vision is to become the world’s most trusted buying platform for any product, using your smartphone camera, while delivering the best price and buying experience. The EZeePRODUCT™ global product catalog will be the core service that delivers that vision: a patent pending global product catalog of the entire e-Merchant world, as though they are in a single store, creating a trusted Global Marketplace-Economy™ that offers the best price or fastest delivery with guaranteed inventory.

Using cutting-edge technologies and patent pending processes, we will index the e-Merchant universe making virtually any product available at your fingertips. When taking a picture with the EZeeBUY™ smartphone application, the EZeeDiNA™ deep learning algorithm (discussed in a future blog) will identify the product in milliseconds while instantly searching the patent pending EZeePRODUCT™ global product catalog platform to retrieve product details, pricing and availability for the best price or fastest delivery — resulting in a simple one-touch BUY now experience!

  • No more searching the internet endlessly to find the exact product you want
  • No more worrying about getting the best price or availability
  • No more entering all of your personal information on untrusted e-Merchants

The EZeePRODUCT™ global product catalog also serves to solve for the unnatural buying experience. Many surveys conclude that having a happy buying experience makes the shopper spend more, and more frequently. Experts also tell us, that in general, people shopping online are not very happy with the shopping experience. Many e-Merchant websites are just not easy to navigate to find the exact product(s) you want to buy. To make it even worse, most e-Merchants still have the default TEXT ONLY search — followed by a time-consuming checkout process.

The EZeePRODUCT™ global product catalog is instrumental in solving for this problem that has existed since the first e-Merchant opened for business on the internet.

EZeePRODUCT™ enables users to find products and brands from images (not from text) — either taken by the smartphone camera or shared directly from social media providers. Just like speech recognition will replace keyboards someday, EZeeBUY™ aims to replace search engines for any product by simply taking a picture or sharing an image from social media providers.

In the next blog, we will discuss the patent pending EZeeDATA™ cloud-based dashboard service that leverages EZeePRODUCT™ to market advanced data analytics and insights on a global scale to brands, retailers, advertising agencies and data analysts.

For more information about EZeeBUY™, visit: http://www.ezeebuy.io

“Buying made EZee — just take a picture!”

Originally published at medium.com on July 5, 2018.

Source: Deep Learning on Medium