EZeeBUY™ Products & Services (8): EZeeDATA™

In our last blog post, we talked about EZeePRODUCT™, our global product catalog, from our second category of services: Data Analytics Core Services.

  1. EZeeBUY™ App Core Services
  2. Data Analytics Core Services
  3. Behavior Cluster Core Services
  4. Wallet Core Services
  5. Retail Partner Core Services

Today we are going to talk about the second product in our Data Analytics Core Services category: EZeeDATA™

EZeeDATA™ is our patent pending cloud-based data analytics and insights dashboard platform that will help brands and retailers understand global product trends supplied by the EZeePRODUCT™ global product catalog.

Within our global Marketplace-Economy™ ecosystem, we will have the ability to observe purchasing behavior and trends from all over the world. Data analytics and insights will become one of our core revenue streams from brand manufacturers, retailers, advertising agencies and data analysts who will value real-time global trends like never before. Our retail partners will be able to optimize pricing and inventory to maximize profits.

EZeeBUY™ will also be able to identify new trends from products that haven’t gone mainstream or viral. Imagine a new hot product that suddenly appealed to thousands of social media users by sharing their buying experiences within the EZeeBUY™ app, we will be capturing this real-time trend and be able to notify brands or retailers to prepare their inventory for this hot new product. Many products have started this way and EZeeBUY™ with social media integration will be able to capture this trend in real-time and supply EZeeDATA™ with intelligent insights for brands and retailers to capture this trend and increase revenue and profits.

EZeeDATA™ will become the center of strategic planning for both traditional retailers and e-Merchants to:

  • Improve Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Optimize Inventory
  • Optimize Pricing
  • Forecast Trends with Predictive Analytics

In the next blog, we will discuss the last product in our Data Analytics Core Services category, EZeeCROWD™ — a crowdfunding platform that will be used to continuously improve and optimize the EZeePRODUCT™ global product catalog by leveraging the EZeeBUY™ user community who use our app on a daily basis for all their buying experiences.

For more information about EZeeBUY™, visit: http://www.ezeebuy.io

“Buying made EZee — just take a picture!”

Originally published at medium.com on July 8, 2018.

Source: Deep Learning on Medium