Introduction to ‘lobstr’ Package in R, Build a Chatbot from Scratch in Python & more awesome…

Welcome to another exciting week of our Medium round-up where we feature amazing articles shared by our community members. Check out topics like a simplified introduction to ‘lobstr’ package in R, Natural Language Processing for Beginners, dealing with noisy data & many more technical articles to help you learn & explore this wonderful domain.

We also released an excellent DataHack Radio podcast with Dr. Jeannette M. Wing, who shared her perspective on how computer science meshes with the data science world.

Here’s an overview of articles we published last week:

Machine Learning Using Python

  1. Introduction to Natural Language Processing: Part 1 — Mandy Gu gives a detailed tutorial to learn all about NLP, right from basics.
  2. Building a Simple Chatbot from Scratch in Python (using NLTK) — Start building a Chatbot on your own, with Parul Pandey
  3. Dealing with Noisy Data in Data Science — Know how to deal with noise in tabular data, with Ankit Rathi
  4. Nuts & Bolts of Reinforcement Learning: Model Based Planning using Dynamic Programming — Let’s explore Dynamic Programming with Ankit Choudhary.

Machine Learning Using R

  1. Become a Better R Programmer with the Awesome ‘lobstr’ Package — An excellent start to learn ‘lobstr’ package, by AMR
  2. Introduction to Data Envelopment Analysis in R — Explore more on this Operations Research technique with Bhaskarjit Samrah.

Learnings from Industry

  1. DataHack Radio #10: The Role of Computer Science in the Data Science World with Dr. Jeannette M. Wing — 4 decades of experience in academia and the industry, she has one of the best perspective on how computer science comes in sync with the data science world.
  2. Heroes of Deep Learning: Top Takeaways for Aspiring Data Scientists from Andrew Ng’s Interview Series — Andrew Ng has given excellent window for all to peep into what and how the brains of this Industry think, work and plan!

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