Thank You

Hi there.

Thank you for continuing to support our progress at by reading and sharing my articles on Artificial Intelligence.

I do check to see the traffic on these articles, and I appreciate that so many of you have taken the time to read them.

We are working on some fun side projects to write about, as we continue our day jobs, helping companies to be awesome using deep learning.

We recently finished our first real business plan, and we are preparing the finishing touches on the launch of a partnership announcement, a product launch in the audit space, and much more.

Our neighbours, SageTea Software brought us ice cream on this very hot day (thanks!), and Mathieu Lemay proved once again that working hard and working smart are not the same thing.

Our team has grown, and so have the in-office shenanigans. Mary Kate MacPherson put up a windows update page full-screen in my browser. I came back from a meeting and ranted for a good 5 minutes about how evil Microsoft is, and how they are ruining my life with involuntary updates. Only once I started shutting down programs to reboot did she show me the evil truth. She even made it a Vista update screen but I didn’t notice. Sorry Microsoft. You are not so terrible after all. I’m just living in an office full of tricksters with their evil insistence on Tau being the ultimate circle constant, and so much more evil…

We learned these past few days that pandas .iloc() and .loc() are extremely non-interchangeable, and several other fun “WHHHHYYY!?! FML” moments.

Again, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more awesome.


-Daniel ← Say hi.

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