The Future Potential of Google Assistant

The latest development by Google Assistant is being widely considered as impressive as well as unnerving at the same time. Since its public debut two years ago, Google Assistant has witnessed many achievements and developments as it got more advanced over time.

Google Assistant Benefits

However, the latest announcement has opened up the possibility for Google Assistant to transform into a sophisticated natural language AI. At the time of its inception in 2016, Google Assistant managed to wow its audiences by providing them with a glimpse of the full range of accessibility it presented on mobile devices.

Two years later the drive to make Google Assistant the ultimate AI-enhanced smart command entity has become aggressive than ever before.

Being a natural language UI has enabled it to comprehend or at least have an accurate approximation of what a human would say in their native language. Further, the introduction of Google Home, its cylindrical Home-optimized has significantly increased the number of devices that can be used with it.

Moreover, being powered with a massive amount of analyzed data through deep learning neural networks has enabled…Read more

Source: Deep Learning on Medium