The Human’s Love Affair With Data

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Why (and how) we are all experiencing ‘analysis paralysis…’

Humans. Data. Love. (Photo by Raw Pixel)

Every student, in every school in the world, learns about the relevance, and necessity, of data. How to generate data. How to use data. How to understand data. How to manipulate data.

All data is centered on the zero and the one:

Zero. One.

Zero and one is centered on (are alternate names for) circumference and diameter.

Circumference. Diameter.

Turning our ‘attention’ (consciousness) to the ‘circularity’ of ‘data.’ Meaning, there is a circular relationship between a human and a data ‘point.’ Necessarily.

Human. Data. Point.

Notice the three diagrams, above. Connected, yet separated, by the ‘words’ (data) ‘below.’ Where ‘above’ and ‘below,’ like any X and-or Y, share a ubiquitous (always conserved) ‘circle.’

Above. Below.
Ubiquitous Circle.
Conservation of the Circle. (Conservation of a Circle.)

There is a ‘natural’ circle formed between (and also ‘around’) any X and-or Y.

X and-or Y.

Explaining how, and why, the child is conceived and ‘born,’ and, also, how that child is ‘learning’ about ‘data’ in the womb, before, and after, he, and-or, she, is (or isn’t) ‘born.’

Conception. Birth.
Before. After.
Why. How.

The ‘why’ and ‘how’ labels are, perhaps, and ‘probably,’ most important. This is because the child learns to symbolize, starting out with a simple ‘yes’ and-or ‘no.’ (Kicking in the womb, or not.) (Crying, during, and, after, ‘birth,’ or not.)

‘Crying’ teaches the child how to use a symbol to get what he or she wants, or needs. It, also, teaches the parent, how to give what the child wants, or needs. It, also, establishes a ‘bond,’ and a ‘set of repetitive’ experiences, for both ‘child’ and ‘parent.’ (Symbol and reality.)

Yet, underneath it all, it’s just ‘data.’

Duplication. Negation.
Parent. Child.
X and-or Y. (Data.)

So, what’s underneath the data? Again, zero and one is circumference and diameter. Meaning, we’d have no data at all, if we didn’t have a ‘circle.’ And a ‘circle’ is, necessarily, an ‘abstraction,’ or, an ‘abstract symbol’ of ‘reality.’


Where the symbol above, and its label, are both ‘abstract’ and ‘concrete.’ Meaning, they are, both of them, a set of data, and an individual piece of ‘data.’ Because there is a mandatory circular relationship between an individual and a group.

Circular relationship. Individual and group.

This explains the alphabet and the number system. Where an ‘alphabet’ and a ‘number system’ are individuals in ‘groups,’ and, where, now, you can see (above), the minimum and maximum ‘number’ in a ‘group’ is ‘two.’


Where the number ‘two’ articulates, and ‘ represents’ all the other ‘numbers’ and ‘symbols’ in any alphabet or number system. In any ‘symbolic system.’ Including, the number ‘one.’


And, where, (only) the diagram ties everything together (unifies reality).

Unit. Unification. Unitization.

This explains the ‘datafication’ of ‘humans,’ that is also known as ‘technology.’

Where humans use ‘data’ as a ‘survival’ ‘tool’. Going back in time, to when (and where) humans first discovered symbols. To when, and where, the human, itself, was (and is) a symbol (for a circle).

Time. Human. Circle.

Meaning, because X and-or Y, are related by (formed by) (required for) a ‘circle,’ a ‘circle’ is conserved no matter what a human ‘analyzes’ (and-or turns into ‘data’). Again, zero and one is circumference and diameter, literally, and figuratively.

Zero and one. Circumference and diameter. Literal and figurative.

Explaining the human’s ‘love affair’ with data (and analysis) (paralysis (repetition)).


This ‘analysis’ proves ‘pi,’ is behind the data. All data. Individuals and groups. Where ‘pi’ is an alternate name for ‘God,’ ‘mind,’ Nature, ‘reality.’


The basis for ‘mathematics,’ ‘technology,’ symbols, individuals, and-or groups. Where all of these ‘names’ articulate the same ‘unified’ reality.

Mathematics. Technology.
Symbols. Groups.

Where, no matter what the data ‘say,’ it’s all dependent on a circle (zero and-or one).

Zero and-or one.

Explaining why you need this diagram to understand what’s going on beneath (and over) reality. (More technically described as ‘pi.’)

Where everything is related to everything else by an uber-simple, and always-present’ ‘circle.’ No matter what the data ‘say.’ (Or, says.)

Uber-simple, always-present, circle.

Explaining universes of all sizes and shapes. Rotation, revolution, radiation. Gravity and uncertainty. General and specific (universal) relativity.

More correctly labelled, then, if you want to be ‘technically’ correct, ‘universal circularity.’

Universal Circularity

Where, technically, you cannot have ‘chaos’ without ‘order,’ and, always, vice versa. Explaining why chaotic systems order themselves, and ordered systems turn into ‘chaos,’ always. Again, the ‘reason’ for ‘technology’ (and ‘data’ in general).

Order. Chaos.

And this explains everything about everything. The conservation of a circle.

Because conservation of a circle is the core dynamic in Nature (and, of course, then, ‘reality.’) Explaining a human’s love for (and dependence on) ‘data.’

Information technology.
Data science.

Where you can just use the ‘diagram’ if you really want to understand what’s going on ‘around’ you. No matter what you ‘read.’ And-or ‘say.’

Observer. Observation.

Conservation of the circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature.