The #paperoftheweek 43 was Making Deep Neural Networks Robust to Label Noise: a Loss Correction…

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

This paper proposes an end-to-end solution to account for noisy labels in classification in the supervised learning setting.

1 — Train model on noisy data

2 — Estimate the interclass noise from the model

3 — Train a new model with loss adjusted for the noisy labels

4 — Profit $$$

Additionally, the authors provide a comparison of their 2 methods, include theoretical proofs, explicitly state their assumptions, and extensively evaluate on several network architectures and datasets.

Figure 1: Comparison of cross-entropy with its corrections, with known or estimated T.


“ We present a theoretically grounded approach to train deep neural networks, including recurrent networks, subject to class-dependent label noise. We propose two procedures for loss correction that are agnostic to both application domain and network architecture. They simply amount to at most a matrix inversion and multiplication, provided that we know the probability of each class being corrupted into another. We further show how one can estimate these probabilities, adapting a recent technique for noise estimation to the multi-class setting, and thus providing an end-to-end framework. Extensive experiments on MNIST, IMDB, CIFAR-10, CIFAR-100 and a large scale dataset of clothing images employing a diversity of architectures — — stacking dense, convolutional, pooling, dropout, batch normalization, word embedding, LSTM, and residual layers — — demonstrate the noise robustness of our proposals. Incidentally, we also prove that, when ReLU is the only non-linearity, the loss curvature is immune to class-dependent label noise.”

You can find the entire article here: