Top 10 Dev Articles Over the Past Week (July 1 — July 7)

In Japan, there is a restaurant where you can have dinner absolutely for free. How does the owner make profit then? The customers can order anything on the menu as long as they agree to work 50 minutes of kitchen labor. Luckily, you don’t need to break your back to read our digest. Enjoy!

  1. 15 HTML element methods you’ve potentially never heard of. However much you know about this or that technology, there is always something new to learn like the 15 HTML element methods provided by David Gilbertson.
  2. Learn these JavaScript fundamentals and become a better developer. The title of the article speaks for itself. If you’re new to JS or simply want to refresh your memory, this piece of reading by Cristi Salcescu is for you.
  3. JavaScript essentials: why you should know how the engine works. The key to fully mastering any technology is learning how it works from within. By Rainer Hahnekamp.
  4. How to Implement MVI Architecture with Mosby in Android App. The article by one of our developers tells about the advantages of using Model-View-Intent in an Android application. The code samples are included as well.
  5. 680 Free Online Programming & Computer Science Courses You Can Start in July. From introduction to Python development to neural networks and machine learning — Dhawal Shah has gathered a list of virtually every course about programming you can take this month.
  6. The unreasonable effectiveness of Deep Learning Representations. Want to learn how to create a semantic search model? This guide by Emmanuel Ameisen will help you get started with how to build a representation.
  7. Clean Code saves Devs. The Caffeina approach to ReactJS. Having an agreed coding style is one of the cornerstones of productive development. Riccardo Canella shares his thoughts on the subject, elaborating on the most important aspects of writing clean code.
  8. Build Your Own Uber/Lyft App with Geolocation Tracking for Android Devices. Ever wondered how the most valuable startup was built? Read the article to find out. By Kaushik Ravikumar.
  9. Useful git commands for everyday use! A true must-read for any web developer! By Khoa Pham.
  10. What even are Flutter widgets? In his post, Matt Carroll describes his own understanding of Flutter Widgets and how they work.

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Source: Deep Learning on Medium