Volp A.I. Platform — Proof of work

The Volp platform is an ambitious project and it will be developed in stages, Being an innovative project, we can spare no effort for its development. Before talking about the subject of this article, I would like to clarify some work points for demonstrating the Volp AI platform.

The initial focus of the demo is to show some basic functionality through a blockchain managed by our protocol, we will work with a lite version of Volpcoin. Where it will be possible to observe and execute operations through the supervision and validation of artificial intelligence.

The demo is under the following conditions:

1- Responsive graphic layout; (100%)

2- Reconstruction of the structure and operations in a new blockchain; (57%)

3- Architecture and protocol structure with artificial intelligence;

4- Blockchain structure and learning of the autonomous agent in the platform;

5- Implementation of a new concept of reward of work and validation of transactions;

After completing item 2, we will make the demo available for community evaluation. Returning to the main theme, in this article, we will cover some features and tools of the volp platform. We will introduce a new concept of working proof and intelligent operations validation, where the main objective is the interaction between the user and the platform.

The Volp protocol uses a mathematical model inspired by the neural structure of intelligent organisms and that acquires familiar knowledge through experience, making it easier to perform predictions, classifying and recognizing patterns.

After considering some reward methods, we decided to maintain a relationship with the platform’s autonomous system, through a system, where users can obtain rewards through interactions and mutual collaboration with the platform.

How is the smart work test performed?

Each user can contribute to your own personal knowledge about random themes, the challenge is proposed by the system, the user has the free acceptance of it. If the challenge is accepted users respond to random questions and the answers are processed automatically by the system.

The platform will repay with currencies according to the value of the information transmitted, the platform evaluates all nuances and importance of each response.For there will be similar contents, compatible personalities that will be cataloged as information of little, medium or maximum relevance, that are rewarded according to the classification.

This interaction between the user and the platform aims to bring a greater efficiency of the operation of the Volp protocol in the platform and at the same time more securely validate the transactions that are registered in Blockchain.

After blockchain validation registration, each information packet is inspected autonomously by the system, verifying the signatures and dimensions of this information, if there is any kind of anomaly or it is necessary to compact this data packet, the system will notify and perform the necessary actions to establish the proper functioning of the network.

The performance of the protocol is dictated by the maximum of standards that the system can individually catalog, this means that the more there is an interaction with the platform, the greater its accuracy when solving problems.

Here we can observe that there is an effort based on a set of algorithms that can model high-level abstractions of data, processing several layers of information simultaneously. So the method we use for deep learning is very important so that platform management remains autonomous and effective.

The Volp protocol becomes very dynamic and can be applied to other platforms and services. The application will be very similar to an API, when the Volp Framework is added in a new environment, passing all the intelligent management features to this new system.

This process we call the “learning environment” where there are an adaptation and systematic readings to map the performance. This is some of the performance and application characteristics of the Volp protocol, where we base a new method of reward for Volpcoin, which will be available as a service on the Volp AI platform.

Tells us what you think about the concept?

Source: Deep Learning on Medium