Why Cloud 2.0 should empower AI streaming for Machine Learning

Since the cloud services have been extended massively for the end consumer, we have seen how each individual can contract different services from data processing, mining of cryptocurrencies or other hard work in the cloud.

In parallel, artificial intelligence technologies continue penetrating the market, requiring ever more powerful hardware and specific chips for these tasks. The access to this equipment for the final consumer is not easy, much as the new iPhones or Huawei incorporate AI chips, the necessary power for an effective artificial intelligence goes through much more powerful equipment and therefore an important investment is required.

Is not hard to find the article of the MIT technology review where it is claimed for “How the AI cloud could produce the richest companies ever” where the keys for the success of this type of business are detailed: a streaming cloud computing service to supply with specific AI tech, in performing high demanding operations in real time.

These companies will be oriented towards real-time object detection, face identification, threat detection, breakdowns anticipation, financial controls, cyber threats and remote medical diagnoses, among others.

Source: Deep Learning on Medium