Why work at Aidoc’s A.I. Team?

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

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We were looking for new team members for our team and I thought it’s a good time to concisely write down some things that are central to my leadership approach.

1) Our people are by far our most important asset. I see it as the most important aspect of my job as a team leader to make sure our team members:
1.a) Feel highly appreciated for their accomplishments and efforts. I don’t take anything for granted and I believe they truly deserve it.
1.b) Feel they’re constantly developing their careers in the direction that is most important to them.
1.c) Feel that we truly care for them as humans. I believe in working hard and achieving excellent results. In parallel I think stress is bad, and always trying to make sure we’re not driving ourselves too hard. (As a side note — 60% of our team are parents, and 30% are women).

2) High standards, methodological work, owning tasks and doing what ever it takes to succeed (rather than what’s the most “interesting”) are things that make you wake up smiling in the morning.

3) You want to join a team of top-notch people (Top Talpiot, Google alumni, and more) who are in a constant journey to grow and improve themselves, and are never satisfied with their current knowledge and capabilities. Curiosity and the desire for professional development are a fundamental part of who you are.

4) You want to work in a rocketship startup (chosen as one of TIME’s 50 most genius companies alongside Amazon and Apple), and contribute to a goal that will actually matter to your family and humanity (drastically improving healthcare and building products that already save lives on a daily basis).