​How ANW monetizes artificial intelligence

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How ANW monetizes artificial intelligence

Anchor Neural World’s main field of activity is the development of artificial intelligence for financial, asset management and educational needs. Those are the areas where AI can have the greatest impact.

And a big question is from the point of view of monetization of artificial intelligence especially in these areas. We see two ways.

First, ANW will participate in the development of investment plans offered to platform users. Using the latest machine learning technologies, it will be able to filter “noise” in asset data, balance risks and analyse trends. As a result, ANW users will earn significantly high returns than other investors in the market and, as a result, will ensure the platform’s profitability.

Second, Anchor Value’s partner companies will have a strong competitive advantage. Educational companies will be able to improve the quality of education while reducing costs. And absolutely all partners will be able to use the artificial intelligence engine to manage their assets. They will be able to apply not only for investment management, but also for the management of internal resources. So the partnership with ANW, will pay back many times, and the platform will receive an additional source of funding.

Mutually beneficial cooperation with all partners will also ensure the continuous growth of interest in ANW and hence the growth of the project’s income.