100 Tech Jobs

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

One thing that everyone must agree is that information is growing at an overwhelming rate. There is no paucity of data at any place and data scientists are making big bucks. With this excessive growth, one thing is crystal clear and that is that there is an immediate need to structure the available data. However, structuring all the raw data on internet is an impossible task.

One of the many fields where the information is available at an overwhelming rate is in the job industry. Jobs are at present freely available almost everywhere . However, finding job still remains an extremely hard task. One of the main reasons for this is that there are more than hundred job sites. An average user who receives alerts from at least twenty different job sites still has a good chance of missing his dream job even when the job is right in front of him.

Well, to solve this problem a newly launched startup based in Toronto, Canada, has built a startup that aggregates job listing from 10 different job sites. The main purpose of the startup is to save a users’ time by putting everything at single place.

The user does not have to go to ten different places and can instead get the top tech jobs from top sites at a single place. The user may additionally subscribe to alerts and get top jobs posted in the industry in his inbox on daily basis. We strongly feel that the job industry is in dire need of such a product and people must use this product.

The product features more than 50,000 tech jobs in areas like Data science, Software programming, Cloud computing, Machine learning, Full Stack Development, and Artificial Intelligence. In my opinion this is a must use product for top data science jobs in San Francisco, top Software Engineering jobs in Silicon valley, high paying jobs in tech startups, top java jobs, and much more.