Siraj Raval, the popular Youtube star and AI educator has put up an interesting challenge to persuade all of us to code or study Machine Learning everyday for atleast an hour. #100DaysOfMLCode

I solemnly pledge to learn, study and code Machine Learning for an hour everyday :) . I intend to update my progress by blogging on Medium.

I am a research student at Multimodal Perception Lab and do ML for a living :P. So I plan to work on projects, improve my fundamentals, write blog posts outside of my work.

Day 0:

I am announcing my goals publicly so I have a sense of accountability. I intend to code and blog about my progress everyday. Also, plan to learn and understand the area of Deep Reinforcement Learning. I have a few plans in mind. Let’s see how many of them materialise.

Hoping for a better me in 100 days!

Source: Deep Learning on Medium