2019 — Year of BERT and Transformer

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

NLP Libraries

Below are some of the libraries which I think are must know if one is working in the area of NLP —

Spacy — Spacy is a popular and fast library for various NLP tasks like tokenization, POS (Part of Speech), etc. It also comes with pre-trained models for Named Entity Recognition (NER)etc. Recently it added support for transformer-based language models like BERT through spacy-transformers, this library uses the Huggingface transformer library.

HuggingFace Transformers — It was one of the first libraries to provide a Pytorch implementation of BERT and originally it was called “ PyTorch-pretrained-bert”. Later they added more models like GPT-2, XLNET, etc and now the library is called just “transformers”. In less than one year it has become one of the most popular NLP libraries and makes it very easy to use BERT and other models.

AllenNLP — This is NLP library from Allen Institute of AI, built on top of PyTorch.

Flair — Also an NLP library which comes with models for NER, POS, etc, also supports BERT, ELMO, XLNET etc embeddings.

GluonNLP — Its the NLP toolkit on top of Apache MXNet and was one of the first libraries to include pre-trained BERT embeddings. It has a lot of useful examples/tutorials.