#25 Paris Women in Machine Learning & Data Science Hors-Série n°7: International Day Against…

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🌈 Being part of the LGBTQ+ community is knowing what it feels like to be part of an invisible minority.

At WiMLDS Paris, we want everyone to feel welcome and included. Hence, The Paris WiMLDS team introduced the online session with some data.

We also invited our members to have a look at other support groups such as QueerinAI, QueerJS, LGBTech, LGBTalents, L’Autre Cercle.

🎬 You can watch the meetup here (excluding the last talk for confidentiality issues) :

We kicked-off the meetup with a presentation from Paola Ducolin, Staff Engineer at Dashlane, about “Coding for Humans”.

Screen capture from Paola Ducolin’s presentation

We live in a product development world that changes rapidly. User needs are uncertain, stakeholders’ goals consequently change, product managers and designers want to AB test different solutions to attract and retain more customers, and if this was not enough, technology stacks change too. During her talk, Paola Ducolin gave a few tips that are helping her team and herself at Dashlane iterates more efficiently over the software, writing readable and well documented code, with refactoring as goal instead of as a nightmare.

💻 During this talk Paola’s main point was to make us understand that the users of the code are the developers. While we design everything else to be user-friendly, why don’t we do it for with coding?