#29 Paris Women in Machine Learning & Data Science: Margrethe Vestager ⭐️

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#29 Paris Women in Machine Learning & Data Science: Margrethe Vestager ⭐️

Margrethe Vestager

After the launch of the season with an hors-serie, we keep going with a joint meetup with the Brussels team on Sept 25.

We were very proud to have Margrethe Vestager as unique speaker! Margrethe Vestager is Executive Vice-President of the European Commission for a Europe fit for the Digital Age.

We have been lucky to live stream our Zoom meeting to Youtube, therefore you have the chance to see it completely 👇

The theme of the meetup was: “Women in EU Technology and Data Policies”. Among the discussed topics, we have been lucky to listen why it is important to promote the role of women in technology (non discrimination, contribution to digital economic growth, shaping of technology).

At WiMLDS, there are many synergies with Mrs Vestager’s arguments and our work. She also talked about:

Artificial intelligence
– The objectives of the Commission’s White Paper
– The gender dimension of artificial intelligence (women participation in AI research, bias of outcomes)

– The objectives of the Commission’s data strategy
– Women’s participation in the data economy

Women in technology
– Reasons for under representation of women
– Ways for addressing this

During the talk, Margrethe Vestager listed all the initiatives happening within the EU in terms of AI, such as the publiation of a white paper on the matter.

White Paper on Artificial Intelligence