3 AI Trends that Impacted Workplace in 2019

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

3 AI Trends that Impacted Workplace in 2019

Source: HR Tech Outlook

The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) saw speedy development in the yr 2019. Though AI science has largely impacted the HR ecosystem in phrases of headcount, there nonetheless lies a query for HR Managers as to how this sensible software program can be deployed to augment work today. Here are some innovative traits that impacted the workplace in the year 2019.

AI-based Decision Making

While taking a pulse of an employee’s sentiment, HR managers typically count on surveys with speedy Yes or No questions, however they go clean when questions revolve round complex problems such as place of job policy. There come the AI-enabled tactics to the rescue of the HR managers. The AI platforms can collect free-text arguments — phrased in herbal language- for or in opposition to a theme and then analyzes the responses. One such platform is IBM’s Project Debater, which is specially designed as a decision guide tool for commercial enterprise leaders who desire to dig deeper into the sentiments and insights of the workforce.

AI-enabled Video Interviews

There are a quantity of video interview structures reachable in the market that focus on scheduling a Q&A with the candidates, record the whole interview, and forward it to the HR crew for evaluation. The AI-enabled recruitment tech professional systems take the candidate screening to the next stage by way of combining facial analysis with AI. The software relies on 25,000 facts points gathered from the facial expressions, tone of voices, and movements of previous profitable candidates, and use them as benchmarks for screening new candidates.

AI-powered robots that ‘learn’ from mistakes

Workplace robots are a better option, however truly not the fantastic ones. They can perform the identical duties time and again, however when exposed to a new and challenging task, they might also lose the directions………Read More