3. DIONNE and DI-22

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As a child I had beautiful dreams. Growing up they were gone, now I miss creating new melodies. In my youth there was yellow green blue and red — a splendor that I never saw again.

As a Caribbean servant to a well-off family in the UK my whole life was dominated by duties. I want to break the oppressive ties with history and learn to listen to my heart again. I long for the beautiful dreams of my youth!

My carefree childhood was fascinating, there was so much to experience. Now I see new space again, being inspired by the majestic virtual sceneries Claris created already around us.

From now on my elixir of life will be dreaming about that new reality, where ideas for an open honest society are worthwhile creating. I will commit myself to that.

Swarm Intelligence. Let us move together like a swarm of little robots. Fly far away from here, creating a new livable world from scratch. Discuss the demise of Mother Earth that drags us more and more to a definitive end of human existence. Deep in our hearts we all know we have to act now and never give up. We can’t just wait to see what the future has in store for us.

I dream about us as little robotic creatures descending on Mars and creating a new life together. Maybe we need robots at different scales, but all definitely with distinctive brains and emotions. Look at the sky, it will be yellow green blue and red again. A beauty I missed for so long. Let our hearts teach us to enjoy lavish music while dancing together.

Let us break the oppressive ties with history that make us repeat our life habits again and again. There is so much more possible! Let’s just listen to our hearts and dance our wildest fantasies. It will exhaust us and add confusing insights to our options. Maybe your considerations are more interesting than mine, I will listen to you and maybe change my tracks in your direction. I don’t know where our experiment will end but it will be a future chosen by ourselves. Let us listen to Kraftwerk during our trip to Mars:

We individuals need to learn being part of a larger whole. Making a swarm, we fly in the same direction trying to prevent as many collisions as possible. While dancing we forge our community of little robots each one thinking differently, acting in harmony. Look each other in the eyes and put personal problems aside for a moment.

In nature you see organisms produce different results depending on the environmental conditions. If we only protect the things that we as individuals needed in the past, then no struggle makes sense. Let us engage in social learning and pick up behaviours from each other. You cannot innovate on your own.

Flying microrobots as colonies of creatures are able to perform complex tasks in new environments. Do we still need farmland, oxygen and water? Our little robots could be instructed to pollinate Mars to our needs like termite-inspired robots, biomimetic autonomous robots capable of building complex structures without a central controller and with

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