3 Public Datasets for Deep Learning available easily

Original article was published on Deep Learning on Medium

This Dataset is composed of 3174 images of people wearing a hardhat (or not).

It comes with a total of 16195 bounding boxes which represent the hardhats and their color (or none if the person does not wear a hardhat). The 95,81% quality of the labels proves once again the balance of the Dataset as you can see below :

Funnily enough, the colors we use to display data on our platform doesn’t match the color labels in this dataset so it can be quite mind-tricking

As often, this Dataset can be used on a safety will in order to watch if all employees on a construction site are wearing their helmet so that we avoid any risk. Furthermore, knowing the color of the helmet allows to identify the job of the employee and the knowledge of their locations in real time which can help to organize a construction.

These are only three examples of the Datasets available publicly on the platform. Thus come by on the Hub to find project ideas, see if you find what you are looking for or only out of curiosity.

See you later on Picsell.ia !