4 Reasons Why I Have To Write This

Original article was published by Jesse J Rogers on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

4 Reasons Why I Have To Write This

And the one reason you’re going to read it

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Since you’re reading this on Medium that tells me you’re no longer willing to waste precious time scrolling endlessly through ads and low-quality rants, memes, and clickbait.

Time is your most valuable resource, so you’ll pay for real content. Only the best clickbait for you.

…just kidding!

Sort of.

My preference is to write deeply researched content about subjects that I feel knowledgeable and passionate about. There’s just one problem. The four most valuable articles I’ve written for you (at least in my own opinion) also have my lowest read percentages — 20%, 27%, 33%, and 41%. Compare that with the 70–80% read rates that most of my articles get.

How can this be? I think the best answer comes from Mary Poppins.

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

I went too light on the sweetener, and so you didn’t initially get hooked by the intros of those articles. At least not well enough to finish them. Like it or not, our minds need a little bit of clickbaity intrigue and curiosity teasing. I’m no different, we can’t escape what we are.

My job as a writer is to improve on making it clear why these articles are interesting. I can’t just assume you’ll eat your vegetables because they’re beneficial.

Topic 1: Artificial Intelligence is Here Bigtime

One of my favorite publications to write for is Digital Diplomacy. This is the article that got me discovered by them.

But the problem is that I didn’t really give an intro. I couldn’t, or else it would have spoiled the mini Turing Test.

Can you tell when it is my writing, and when it is GPT-3’s? Let’s find out.

Topic 2: Education Needs to Change

I feel like this next one is among the most important pieces I’ve written and probably the one I’m most qualified to write based on my career history, but even so, it landed with a thud.

It got published and even curated but for whatever reason, this 12-minute manifesto just didn’t go viral.


If you do read it, I can guarantee it will inspire you to step up your mentoring game.

Topic 3: You Need Some Math Love in Your Life

The previous two articles may give you an eerie feeling that you’re in danger of being left behind.

If you’re not math literate, then you are.

If you believe “I’m just not good at math” or maybe “I’m not a math person”, then it’s time to outgrow those limiting beliefs and embrace the truth: almost anyone can learn math, including you. In 14 years, I’ve worked with students that have a wide variety of learning disabilities and I can count on one hand the number that of people who are incapable of learning math for technical, biological reasons.

It is almost always a problem of beliefs. Emotion and mindset, not intelligence, is your problem.

But should you bother? People sometimes ask me “when are we going to use this in real life?”

I used to point out cases and applications back when it was less obvious.

These days I just say the truth far more bluntly. “Maybe you won’t use math. But rest assured that whoever wins in any modern marketplace will be using math and data to win. If you’re not literate in these things, then the winner won’t be you.”

The good news is that you don’t need to master the entirety of all of mathematics. There are only parts of it which are going to be essential.

Start here.

Topic 4: Nuclear Power is Humanity’s Only Hope

200,000 Americans this year are going to prematurely die from respiratory distress.

We could have stopped it. But we didn’t.

No, I’m not talking about COVID-19. I’m talking about fossil fuels.

And it isn’t just this year. Every year we pay a terrible cost to power our world on coal, gas, and oil. Far beyond what you probably imagine it to be, even if what you imagine is horrible.

We need a nuclear-powered future because renewables just aren’t there yet. Maybe they will eventually win out but we don’t have until 2050 to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Besides that, the 3.6 million people who die globally every year because of fossil fuels don’t have time to wait either.

The price we pay to stay hooked on fossil fuels while we wait for renewables is the equivalent body count of 45 Hiroshima bombs dropped on humanity every year.

It has to stop now, and nuclear is the only option presently on the table at scale. Like it or not, this is the way.