4 Ways AI Can Help You Create Better Content

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

4 Ways AI Can Help You Create Better Content

Technology has made it easier for us all to be creative. It’s put the artist’s studio and writer’s room directly in our laps, allowing us to be creative wherever and whenever. But what’s the next frontier in technology-augmented creativity? Artificial intelligence, perhaps?

Desktop computers brought creativity out of the studio and into our homes. Smartphones and tablets put the studio into our laps. And the software in each era enabled these changes in creativity. AI is the next era in creativity:

Being a creator in the 2020s looks a lot like the researcher who used neural networks to convert one of the oldest videos ever made into a 4k video. Essentially, he used AI to bring an artifact from 125 years ago into the present moment. That’s what it means to be an AI-augmented creative.

Here are 4 tools you can easily use to be an AI-augmented creative today:

GigaPixel AI — automatically upscales images and photographs by up to 600% without losing image quality. Great for enhancing any low-quality images.

TRASH App — uses AI to generate video montages. Throw video clips into TRASH and they’ll use AI to instantly generate a rough cut and match it to the beat of the music. Great for low-budget recaps of events or to create that music video you always wanted to make.

AIVA — AI music composer that allows you to choose the influence and style you’re looking for. AIVA makes it simple to customize and find the perfect background soundtrack for your videos.

Talk To Transformer — neural network that completes your sentences for you. Although it’s not quite at the level of writing an entire article for you. It is a great tool to overcome writer’s block and help you get the words flowing.

The impact of AI will be in giving us all our own creative assistant. Overall, we’ll be quicker to produce content and more likely to try new projects.

What creative augmentation would you like to have?