5 Facial Recognition Trends and Market Predictions

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5 Facial Recognition Trends and Market Predictions

Worldwide digitization of consumer and business data has impacted the adoption of facial recognition technology significantly. Today, AI-powered computer vision services are entering diverse businesses to provide strengthened safeguards, personalized customer services, precise video analytics, and more. According to the Component’s Facial Recognition Market report, the facial recognition industry is expecting to reach $7 billion by 2024 in the U.S. It is, therefore, essential for next-gen businesses to harness the potential of facial recognition advancements to ensure better security and efficiency.

This blog post highlights the latest trends and developments in the facial recognition space and market.

1) Regulating Air Travel

Facial recognition is fast replacing identity cards and boarding passes at major airports across Europe, Aisa, and the U.S. For this, government authorities are using the vast database of citizens including images, videos, and records to identify individuals at checkpoints.

Here’s how the machine learning algorithms behind facial recognition technology can transform airport operations-

a) Facial recognition systems use pre-built photo galleries of passengers to reduce the boarding time of passengers from hours to several minutes.

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