5 Reasons Why Ai Won’t Replace your Job (yet)

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Lately, muchof the small talk I have with people outside of the Artificial Intelligence community is related to their fear of Ai. How robot automation could replace as much as 800 jobs by 2030. How much dealing with a human is a much better personalised experience as a client.

I know Ai might look scary to some people, however being impersonal is something that human kind (or #peoplekind?) has cultivated over the last decades with great success.

Walmart already Invest in Ai Automation ?

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While it is true that some companies like Walmart have already replaced a small portion of their inventories employees (in a limited number of stores) by the use of in-store inventory robots and that San Francisco official is pushing for a ‘robot tax’, the actual number of human jobs being replaced by robots has not been significant, and won’t be for a considerable amount of years.

To all my friends who are scared of artificial intelligence taking over the world, here are 5 reasons to stop worrying about Ai (for now).

1, Artificial Intelligence to the Service of Humanity

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Internet of Things assisted by Artificial Intelligence technologies (IoTAi) will take care of lower added value tasks (stuff employees don’t like to do ???) while human employees can focus on the added value portion of their job (a.k.a. stuff they like to do ???).

Would you rather use a lawn mower to trim your lawn yard or by fear of new technologies you’ll handle it the good old fashion way:

a healthy breakfast AND your morning workout

The point is…Ai will make your life easier, and will allow you to focus not only on the added value of your job, it will also give back something people have been cruelly lacking over the last decades: quality time with their friends and families.

Autonomous cars will allow you to Netflix and chill will getting back from work.

Fridges powered by IoT technology will remind you that you should order some milk before the end of the week (because its analytics will be able to observe your milk consumption patterns).

And artificial intelligence will take care of answering these damn repetitive FAQ questions, fill the requests that need an authorisation from your superiors, and so on.

2. Ai will Create New Type of Jobs

maybe not this type of Jobs tho ?

A decade ago there were no such jobs as social media managers, Uber drivers, Airbnb hosts, autonomous car engineers, big data analysts, and of course last but not least YouTubers.

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Ai will more than likely replace low paid jobs and replacing them with higher paying job. We do have to factor in though, that the relative number of jobs replaced by Ai may probably the number of job created by this new technology.

As in any revolution, there will be winner and loser in the industry 4.0 digital era.

3. Some Corporations are way too old to Adapt to Ai

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You work for a bank, a financial institution, a governmental agency (exception of governmental entities such as the NSA, the FBI and the CIA)?

Then don’t worry about Artificial Intelligence, these corporate entities have decades of technological deficits to recover from and their computer softwares are still based on legacy systems developed in the 1970s.

They have enough to deal with cryptocurrencies. and fear of the blockchain technology to have sufficient resources to address Ai for now.

4. Some People will Always Prefer the Human Touch

I’m really fond of exploring the limit of Ai such as what we called fussy intentions. In a nutshell fussy intents are human expression themselves badly like:

I want to buy a house not to big, but not too small though, it needs to be feel warm for my children, I want a place with a good vibe ya know?

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Machine learning is great and getting better on an on-going basis but fussy intentions such as the one above won’t be easily interpreted by any AiOS in the short term.

5. Ai needs Human Creativity

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While emotional intelligence is something that programmed to a certain extent into an Ai agent, creativity his a unique gift of humanity. In fact some of the most promising career in Ai will be linked to scripting the persona of Ai applications.

Artistic businesses such as Le Cirque du Soleil will more than likely require to have highly artistic artificial intelligence personas for its shows.

On the other side, Human Resource recruiting agencies might want to have an artificial intelligence entity which going to have a high emotional intelligence Ai in order to engage candidates in the process and convince that they are a good fit for some corporations.

In other term their won’t be Ai size to fit them all, period.

At the End of the Day

I always was an early-adopter in technology. Even though I eat, drink and dream of Ai from dusk til dawn, Ai will take some years to appeal to majority of the population.

So you can sleep thigh folks, you current job wont probably be much impacted by Ai before 3 to 4 years. And even so, I’m sure you will eventually adapt to it and learn to appreciate its presence in your life.

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