6 Remarkable Ways that Artificial Intelligence Has Fascinated the World

Original article was published by Charles Stephen on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Image by Pixabay

AI passed a self-awareness test

This feat shocked even the experts. It was once believed that a machine would never mimic human consciousness, but that may not be the case anymore. A puzzle called the ‘King’s Wise Men’ has always been considered the self-awareness test standard, and recently, an AI bot solved this puzzle correctly⁴.

Robot scientists from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute tweaked this puzzle and submitted it to a trio of robots. Two of them were informed that they were given a ‘dumbing pill,’ which would keep them from talking. After that, all three robots were asked which one of them could still talk.

None of the bots understood at first, but each one eventually said: “I don’t know.” But only one of the robots were able to make the sound. After hearing its voice, it changed its initial answer: “Sorry, I know now!”

Robot scientists believe having the ability to pass these kinds of tests will eventually allow robots to learn a large variety of capabilities that people will value in the future.