60 Seconds with WITS Southeast Speaker — Divya Bhat

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

60 Seconds with WITS Southeast Speaker — Divya Bhat

Divya Bhat is a Software Engineering Manager at Mathworks. Her session at WITS Southeast is a workshop, Hands on with Deep Learning and IoT.

Why is speaking at WITS important to you?

WITS is a great way to network with talented women across the tech sector. I particularly love that this conference is focused on women, especially since there aren’t too many women in STEM. It’s great to have a platform where we can learn from one another and also give back, which can be very rewarding.

I’m very excited to share how MathWorks tools can help you get started with technology megatrends like Deep Learning and Internet of Things.

What inspires you?

My husband is a tech geek and his passion for technology and AI has certainly rubbed off on me. My kids also inspire me to do better every day.

I’m also inspired by MathWorks’ mission to accelerate the pace of engineering and science. Our customers solve complex challenges using our tools and it is inspiring to create and deliver products that help them do their best work. The responsibility and trust they’ve given us by making our products a part of their story, is inspiring and humbling at the same time.

Most useful article you’ve read in the last month

I recently read HBR’s “Cross-Silo Leadership”, which was interesting. I also enjoy reading Satya Nadella’s interviews, he is a very inspiring leader.

When you were a kid what was your dream job?

I was all over the place as a kid.

Tell us something about your session

Our session introduces attendees to MathWorks’ solutions in Deep Learning and Internet of Things. This is a hands-on session where you don’t need any prior knowledge of programming or math or AI because we’re going to go over that and have lots of fun along the way. The session was presented at the Grace Hopper Celebration in 2018 and we’ve got so many positive reviews. We are looking forward to bringing it to WITS South East to share with the awesome community here.