7 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies that will Surprise you!

Original article was published by Zaigham Abbas on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

7 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies that will Surprise you!

Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Do you know that you daily use artificial intelligence technologies everywhere in your life? Shocked? Yeah it’s true you daily use AI technologies like Siri and google assistance, social media feeds, Uber, google maps, smart home devices, etc. They all are based on Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is concerned with building smart machines that can perform the task that typically requires human intelligence. AI today is used to understand what you say to virtual assistance like Siri, google assistance, Alexa, and also to recognize who and what is in a photo, to detect problems, to spot spam, or to detect credit card fraud.
There are 3 main types of artificial intelligence that are based on their capabilities:

1: Narrow or weak AI. (Dedicated for one task)
2: General AI. (Perform like human)
3: Super AI. (Intelligent than human)

Let us now look at the Artificial Intelligence technologies list that will surprise you:

1: Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation is an AI software process that converts structured data into natural language. Simply this technology has the ability to convert data into text. For example, this technology automatically transforms data into Plain English content. It can actually tell a story — absolutely like that of a human — by writing the sentences and paragraphs for you. It is widely used in customer service to create reports and market summaries. Some companies offer this technology like Attivio, Digital reasoning, IBM Watson, Wordsmith, Automated insights, Narrative science, etc. No wonder, this one makes to the list of top 7 artificial intelligence technologies.

2: Speech Recognition

If you’re reading this blog post, then definitely you would have a smartphone or a laptop, and I think that probably you know about the iPhone Siri or Google assistant. They’re the perfect example of speech recognition. Speech Recognition is used to convert human speech into a useful or complete format for computer applications to understand. It acts as a bridge between human and computer interactions. In May 2017, Google’s machine learning algorithms have now achieved a “95% word accuracy rate” for the English language.

American venture capitalist Marry Meeker said in her annual internet annual trends report: “humans can speak 150 words per minute on average, but can only type 40. Goodbye texting and pushing buttons, we’re simply too busy for all that now”.

3: Virtual Agents

This technology is trending on charts of the top 7 artificial intelligence technologies. Virtual Agent is described as a computer-generated AI that serves as an online customer support service representative. It is a computer application that interacts with humans through a smart conversation with clients, answer their queries, make shopping easy with Alexa. So, you just have to make a smart conversation with your virtual agent and it will be able to:

Place an order.

Make reservations.

Make shopping easy.

Book an apartment.

Give information about anything.

Handle clients with a smart conversation.

Therefore, this AI technology is helpful in our lives, and also it will make our day easier as well. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Assist AI, IBM, Creative virtual, WoodBows, Microsoft, IPsoft, and artificial solutions provide virtual agents.

4: Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of Artificial intelligence and is a sub-discipline of computer science as well. It is the study of computer algorithms that learn automatically through experience. Machine learning is an artificial intelligence application that empowers systems to learn and improve with experience automatically. Currently, it is used for prediction and classification purposes. Its goal is to develop new strategies for empowering computers to learn and become progressively smart. Machine learning is a need in almost every sector, for example, medical and healthcare need machine learning techniques to analyze patient data for the prediction of diseases and effective treatment, banking and financial sector need machine learning for customer data analysis, retailers utilize machine learning for predicting changing customer preferences, customer behavior, by analyzing customer data. Some of the companies like Amazon, Google, Alteryx Analytics, H2O AI, RapidMiner, Microsoft, SAS, Skytree, and TIBCO Sofware selling machine learning platforms.

5: Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a form of machine learning which functions based on an artificial neural network. It is an AI function that copies the working of the human brain in processing data for use in:

Translating languages.

Image recognition.

Speech recognition.

Detecting objects.

Making decisions.

Deep Learning is very useful for large data to train a model and a graphic processing unit. Some providers of deep learning platforms are MathWorks, MATLAB, IBM Watson Studio, Google Cloud AI Platform, Sentient Technologies, and Fluid AI.

6: Smart Devices

Smart devices are becoming extremely popular nowadays. A Smart Device is an electronic device that can connect to other devices or a network via different wireless protocols such as Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-fi, LiFi, 4g, 54, etc. Technologies that were used in the past years are now being modified and released as smart devices. some examples of smart devices are:



Smart security cameras.

Smart glasses.

Smart cars.

These AI-based smart devices will interact with users and other devices through different wireless connections.

7: Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is another application of AI technology that permits anyone today to configure computer software or uses scripts and methods that simulate and automate human tasks to support the corporate process. Bear in mind that AI is not meant to replace humans, but to support and complement their skill and talent. It is useful in situations when hiring humans for a specific task is too expensive and inefficient. Therefore, this technology lets you make the most of your human talent so you can move employees into more creative positions, and this will make an impact on the company’s growth. Companies that are focus on this process are Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, WorkFusion, Pega Systems, and Uipath.


To conclude, these latest artificial intelligence technologies are very helpful in our lives. The artificial intelligence is described as structures, patterns, and operational functions that can be programmed for problem-solving, inferences, language processing, speech and image recognition, etc. The objective of artificial intelligence future is to automate all the complex human activities and eliminate biases and errors. Thanks to AI that has already become a major influencing factor in our lives.