A + E | film: the Odyssee

Source: Kurzweil


Lambert Wilson is magnetic in this grandly lyrical dramatization of legendary explorer + film-maker Jacques Cousteau. Spanning half a century and criss-crossing oceans, the film charts Cousteau’s professional triumphs + failures as he achieves renown for the under-water documentaries he produced on his oceanographic expeditions, amid the constant struggle to secure financial backing for increasingly ambitious scientific (and cinematic) objectives.

Set against the back-drop of generational family drama — following his wife Simone and his talented, deeply conflicted son Philippe — the Odyssey is an epic ode to scientific exploration — plus a celebration of the humanity’s drive to seek out new realms of discovery.


image | above
Poster for the epic film the Odyssee about the life of Jacques Cousteau.

art: by Lauren Fowler