A + E | South by Southwest recap rap of Ray Kurzweil keynote

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Saul Paul | In 2002, Saul Paul graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Convergent Media degree from the School of Communications. In 2003, he released his first album. He continues to release albums, tour, and write and produce for other artists, while inspiring through positive lyrics and as a role model to help at-risk youth achieve excellence.

Along the way, corporate events discovered Saul Paul’s knack for transforming mundane moments into extraordinary memories through music.

Saul Paul is a DJ as well, but who needs a DJ when you can have live entertainment. Saul Paul has worked SXSW, ESPN Radio, the NFL and the NBA.

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Official South by Southwest  recap rap for Ray Kurzweil keynote:

Today’s keynote was the brilliant Ray Kurzweil
Hosted by Mr. Grossman which served well
To set up the platform that it’s a sure fail
If you’re still in the present cause you’re stale
Cause Dude’s mind…Is where the future is
An accurate title? He’s a futurist
Give him some data, he’ll know what to do with it
Rewind to 1960, he’ll probably tell you who the shooter is
In ’63, (Get it?) Kennedy
(Wow.) And right now he’s actually making these mini-me’s
(How?) At the university of Singularity
Apparently because he sees the future with such clarity
How else can I say it? He sees it clearly
No theories, He basically created Siri
The company that became it, Nuance
For him it’s easy like installing some True Fonts
So if you’re a genius and you are good at math
You can be just like him…otherwise “Sufferin’ Succotash”
I don’t make the rules, I just play by’em
And based on what Kurzweil says you can’t defy’em
Statistically (Yeah) It’s improbable
Not impossible, just highly illogical
Looking at my watch, it seems that I got to go
Til then I encourage you stay on point like an icicle

Official SXSW Recap Rap for Amber Case’s Keynote


You use Soundcloud?
How bout Youtube?
Twitter too?
And Instagram for pics to view?
Well Amber Case had an idea
I’m talking huge, bigger than an IKEA!
Unleash the web, mix and match it
So you can share your passions and be more interactive
With your friends and they can do the same,
No more shall updating your status be plain
It’s the new web, rich conversations
Data visualization, geolocation
The current situation the world wide web is facing
Is the integration of geoanalytic information
And each day as the future grows near
The goal becomes clear
Make interfaces disappear
The goal is to not be looking at screens all the time, but to do things…
That’s pretty much a quote from Ms. Amber Case
And based on that she decided to design a better way
Notice I said design, not just find
Cause she did it on purpose, It was far from the blind
In the end she created Geoloqi
Her other goal is to mainstream it, not just be low key
So every boy, girl, man, woman
Know that the future has arrived and it’s stunning

Official SXSW Recap Rap for Baratunde Thurston’s Keynote


Off top, broadcasting live from Austin, TX
It’s South By South West aka The Freshness
Add Baratunde to your guest list
Cause dude’s mind shines just like a necklace
You think that’s ghetto? He can show you How To Be Black
He wrote a book about it, my advice…Go and read that
Today I had a seat at South By as he keynoted
Thus this rap’s mainly composed of what he quoted
Or should I say hashtagged, cause those he had a lot of
But it all boils down to “Make the truth easy to swallow”
Or throw in some comedy, add some satire
Cause the truth uncut can deflate like flat tires
SaulPaul no liar, everyone seems to agree
Check the twitter page of @NPRmonkeysee
But Hey! My times up, I guess I’m through
But Mr. Thurston’s last words to me, that’s what I leave with you…

Official SXSW Recap Rap for Jennifer Pahlka’s Keynote


When I mention government, most people think hysteria
Long lines and a lot of barriers
Women think of crying and messing their mascara up
It’s really just a lot more problems than they care for huh?
Well I guess obvious is the problem
But uh…Who’s gon’ help to the solve’em
Enter Jennifer…..Also known as Ms. Phalka
A truth talker, also a problem solver
She approached the situation with a different mind state
She figured she could do more than decrease the crime rate
It seems her perspective was entrepreneurial
So she became a hero like them turtles out the sewer
Like she was Splinter and she was coaching Donatello
She started a org, then she raised up some Fellows
Code for America was the name of the org
A new kind of public service is basically the core
Today’s keynote was really a call to action
As was evidenced by Jennifer’s passion
Anyone that seen it live, tweet them and ask’em
She made it plain…You can even cash in!
If you can code, then there is money to be made
There are problems to be solved in new creative ways
I think her whole keynote summed up though is this
If you’re a citizen, see a problem, get it fixed