A less boring guide to AI (Part 1) — Ready?

Original article was published by Nicolas Carmont on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

A less boring guide to AI (Part 1) — Ready? 🤖

When I finished a 4-year degree in AI and started working at Amazon, I expected something different.

I thought after all this studying I would be able to create autonomous robots or something like Alexa, but that could talk with dogs. But no.

Why did I study all this stuff and not use it?

The thing is most people don’t know that complex AI models are hardly ever used.

Most of the impact of AI comes from just knowing the basics. 🧠

I realized this when looking at the AI models used by big companies. I was surprised they were never really that complex. At university, I had worked with neural networks to generate fake skin cancer images that fooled professional dermatologists. But complex AI was nowhere to be found in most of these big companies. Simply because they didn’t need it — Using the basic models worked most companies wonders.

Artificial Intelligence is weird — in many ways, it’s deeply over-rated and in other ways, it’s extremely underrated. I think this analogy best describes it:

AI is a lot like baking. 🍞

Most people don’t need to be oven engineers to bring more bread to the world.

In fact, there is a much bigger need for bakers to make bread than for oven engineers.

AI is quite similar. Most of the hard work has already done by machine learning engineers and has been put into free software to be used by practitioners.

Now there is a big need for practitioners like us to learn how to use these AI ovens and bring automated value to the world.

🤔 What is this series?

The purpose of this article series is to give you a free and non-boring approach to getting a general understanding of AI.

By the end, you will know how to speak about and write code for a lot of cool AI models and flex it in front of your friends (but also hopefully see some ways to use it yourself practically).

All you will need is your browser (can be on your phone) and knowing how to type.

Each tutorial will be a short read — 5–10 minutes and will include both theory and practical parts.

⚠️ FOR NEXT CLASS (Do this):

The best way to learn is consistency.

Open your google/apple/android calendar app and make a recurring weekly event for 20–25min to dedicate weekly time to learn AI.

Although the explanations will be easy and fun, learning AI like anything requires self-discipline and time.

Imagine yourself in 2 months being able to tell your friends and colleagues that you’ve built AI models. If you do just 1 article per week consistently you can run through this series in no time.

Lastly, the comments section is a chat room — feel free to post your thoughts, ideas, projects, questions, anything you like me to cover.

Thanks for reading and welcome to baker school! 🍞🤖