A new hovering understanding of black holes through simple scenario

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A new hovering understanding of black holes through simple scenario

Brief Intro:

Blackholes perhaps are the most perplexing celestial bodies living in the universe. Ever since Einstein did prediction about such immense bodies, scientists were all striving for a deep mathematical understanding on which this whole blackhole mechanism resides. After it proved mathematically , big Science organizations all over the world were busy finding its location and a way to capture it. Then there came a day when Human eye first time witnessed this celestial object. Since then, these blackholes migrated from a scientific mind to common minds. Now, the quest of scientists is to look for hidden mysteries related with it.

How to understand?

There are numerous theories and paradox related with it which have their own significance along-with General theory of relativity proposed by Einstein in 1915.

Here, this blog takes you in new dimension where you can relate your perceptions with this celestial object.

Some of us perhaps take more time to reply to our friends on social media apps . But there exists a imaginary scenario in which a we would not accused for late reply. HAVE a Look !

Imagine a scenario in which you enclose all sides of your home with a fence, then assume that you have increased the gravity inside this fence area by 10 times. So, now you start chatting with your friend on phone. As his/her message enters inside this fence area i.e. the wireless or digital signal containing message, it starts lagging like a turtle until it reaches to your phone and phone beeps finally. For ease of understanding, we can say lag factor is 10. So every phenomena inside this fence area will rake 10X more time than usual.

i.e. A glass drops from your hand, turning on the tv, milk boiling, and like all these your reply will take 10X more time as observed by your friend.

In such imaginary scenario, you will not be blamed for late reply because the time it takes for signal to enter and leave this region has increased by factor of 10.

Till now, you have got rough idea of how things works at greater gravity


So now we talk about behavior of processors when they are in high gravity regions like Black holes. It is simple phenomenon, if we keep in mind the fact that everything follows the time axis in this whole universe. Whenever, there is a disturbance in time axis due to gravity, ultimately there will be some change in motion of physical objects. Since processors are made from silicon chips in which electronic circuits are using electrons motion for information flow therefore, rate of information flow will drop by the same amount by which time is slowed down or gravity is increased.

Its just a wondrous thought that our latest intel processors capable of performing at 3.6Ghz frequency will drop their speed to about 1Ghz or below depending upon the amount of gravity they face. So, its all a perplexing reality to perceive. In futuristic way, we assume a spaceship patrolling near event horizon wants to send some signal, it will unable to communicate with the same data transmission rate as if it were on earth. Internet bandwidth even 5G will miserably prevent its reputation, so all our technology which captivates us and drives our daily life will unable to work in such high gravity regions.

Image credit: NASA


M87 is largest blackhole in milky way center. Its approximated size is equal to 7 billion suns together.

Just imagine the gravity in area around it. So, these are the wonders of universe where time means nothing and reality hardly exists. You and I will unable to stop black hole from turning our bodies into a spaghetti and tearing us apart if we were in vicinity of these monsters.

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