A New World Forced Upon Us

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A New World Forced Upon Us

Imagine a world where 95% of the workforce is carried and done remotely. A world where every type of work is “work from home” and the only time you get to leave the house is for leisure activities, which roughly makes up 10% of your daily hours. A world where you as a human is positioned to be indoors and tasks like food and consumer product deliveries are carried by flying bots.. perhaps flying bots. And law enforcement is carried out via airbone tracking devices et al.

For years startup ventures have been trying to convince us to embrace this world. Companies have built drones and automated transport mechanisms to position humanity for this very type of idealistic world. But we did not listen, we were reluctant to listen. The government imposed rules and laws to hinder such ideas and movement.

And so it happens, just like that, a pandemic changed it all. Not just a pandemic, specifically one that no human alive today has ever witnessed. The COVID-19 (a.k.a CoronaVirus) pandemic. We are now experiencing what’s like to live in this remote-world. Amid all the crisis, this virus should be dubbed “The Mental Virus”..

Meaning we’re simply controlled not by its true effect in reality persey, rather by our misconception of the virus development and effect itself. This misconception is primarily the underlying factor that transforms our lifestyle mentality which in turn plays the influential role that will drive the future of workforce… driving it to remote mode. Take for instance, the government extended the quarantine policy to April 30th, we are to return to work. Just like that the virus is gone? We can all return to normal way of doing things?

Here’s the probable outcome. It’s going to be a while, if ever, things return to normal where we are going to be able to extinguish the idea of social distancing. Just the like the effect and change in humanity and technology brought upon after the second world war, the COVID-19 virus effect is here to stay. So is the causation-virus itself. Similar to HIV, it’s been over decades and we are still reluctant to having sex without condoms regardless of how many times it’s been preached to us there are drugs that can help suppress the virus.

So here comes the facial-mask, just like condoms, it’s going to be the “norm thing to do” to walk into a CVS store and purchase a facial-mask prior to venturing out meeting up with a friend or visiting a public place. But we all fully know well, we are likely to skip leaving the house if the process involves a divergence to purchase a product prior to meeting someone, simply because we perceive that as an inconvenient task. Well, unless there’s going to be a very pleasurable payout as a result of such task. Taking the HIV example, sex is the pleasurable outcome of leaving the house to going to CVS to buying a condom prior to meeting up with another human.

Now at last, we have been forced to experience, embrace and soon-to-accept the digital era of humanity. I do not know about you but I’m very much enthused to living in this upcoming digital-world. And yes, time for those tech-ventures to amp up their game in production of drones, driverless cars, and human-like robots. And time for the government to reverse its role and mindset on the future of a bot-driven world.

Dear Reader, stay safe and see you in the new world. ✌🏾