A no-code guide to Machine Learning

Original article was published by Siddharth Ahuja on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Okay, I lied when I said all the tools here would be no-code, but hear me out. Remember when I said TensorFlow is the place to be? Ml5js builds is an easy and accessible way to use some of TensorFlow’s models including pose estimation, object detection, image classification, and pitch detection. All this directly on your browser.

The reason why I mentioned ml5js in a no-code guide here is that you don’t need to know a LOT of code to make something. The documentation and examples are so good that they are more than enough to get you started with experimenting with different models. It also happens to be open-source, and the community has some great resources for learning.

It also goes hand in hand with p5js, so if you are a creator, artist, designer, or an enthusiast, you should definitely go check ml5js out. Check out their reference to see what it can do.

The Coding Train has a brilliant YouTube playlist dedicated to ml5js and p5js :

4. Wekinator