A Question For the AI Optimists

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

The number of papers concerning these methods is exponentially increasing — and it feels as though this is all happening at an unprecedented pace. There are more conferences, more startups, more blog posts, videos, and reflections on all that is occurring in this space.

To complicate matters further, there are sub-communities within the larger AI sphere that are working on their own techniques, activation functions, dimensionality reduction methods, building datasets, etc. The network effects must be through the roof.

It’s crazy.

Is this excitement and fervor that embodies our community similar to that of the time before the previous AI winters that everyone seems to talk about as if it happened so long ago?

Are we due for another downturn? Like the stock markets or the oil and gas industry that naturally goes through booms and busts?

If so, can we prepare ourselves for another AI winter?