A simple Chest, Hand and foot X-Ray classifier using Fastai(v3)

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

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A simple Chest, Hand and foot X-Ray classifier using Fastai(v3)

I built a simple X-ray classifier to analyze and categorize them as either Hand, Foot or Chest images.

The image dataset was generated from a google images search using this handy tool

The model is deployed on Render at [X-ray Classifier](https://xrayclassifier-fastai.onrender.com/)
This was built using this[example](https://github.com/render-examples/fastai-v3).

The code for the model and tweaks are based on the work from Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 using Resnet34.
The model had an accuracy of about 96% but had some difficulty differentiating between hand and foot Xrays, perhaps because both have similar architecture.

Confusion Matrix

The code is available in this [Jupyter Notebook](https://github.com/keplaxo/fastai-v3xrayclassifier/blob/master/X_RAY_CLASSIFIER_FASTAI.ipynb) on GitHub.

Possible Use Cases
As a radiologist, speeding workflows for image reporting saves both the patient and referring physician time. Implementing AI for image triage and sorting is one way that deep learning can be used.

I am just kicking off my Fastai V3 course(Lesson 1 and 2) and hope to have more projects to showcase with real-life datasets from my research and work in Africa, where I believe AI is one solution to the shortage of access to radiologists and other cadres of health personnel.

Do check out my work and any feedback would be appreciated.