A Step by Step Guide to Translating Your First Video

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A Step by Step Guide to Translating Your First Video

By Renee Dubé

Having the ability to translate your video into a number of different languages and dialects puts your business a step ahead of the rest in means of reaching a larger audience and in turn, customers.

But getting your content translated and transcribed into another language seems expensive and time consuming, right?

Good news, friend. You’re wrong!

Dubbing and/or subtitling your video is a quick and easy process if you’re using our app and we hope that’s why you’re here… to find out how to do it. So without further ado, read on to learn how to translate your video and start reaching millions of people worldwide.

How to transcribe and translate your first video

First off, we’ve logged into our videotranslator.ai account; if you don’t have an account yet, sign up here for a free trial. Once logged in, hit Quick Transcribe and follow the prompts to upload your video and to select the language and dialect that your video is originally in.

Upload + Transcribe

Post-editing: Fix up the AI output to to maximise conversions

Once the video has loaded, it’s time to edit the captions. Because people don’t always speak the way they write, the AI can sometimes miss capitalisation, commas and full stops, as well as misuse certain words. Use the Picture-in-Picture popup to help you edit the timing and captions of the video in its original language.

Edit Captions

Remember — make time blocks a minimum of one second long, ideally 1.5 seconds to make it easier to read.

AI Translation: Use the AI to translate your video

When you’re happy with the captions and timing, scroll up to Translate and choose the language you’d like your video to be translated into. To do this, select Translate from the Action menu and then select Automatic for the AI translation as well as setting the language of your choice.


And that’s it! You’ve translated your first video. See below for the full video and step-by-step guide.

Full Flow

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