A succinct geometric interpretation of the MP neuron model

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

normal axis has x and y-axis, here we replaced with y with x2 as axis. like we can define finite axes as x1, x2, …xn.

y = mx +c is line equation in x-y axis. here x2=mx1+c is line axis. we can write it as ax1 +bx2 + c=0.it is a 2-D.

now we will see 3-D.

in 3-D line represents a plane. ax1+bx2+cx3+d=0 is the plane equation. the red points above the plane represent>0, below black points, represents < 0.

Now we will talk about the limitations of 2-D line interpretation.

suppose if you want the low battery and low screen size, high battery performance and large screen size through this interpretation we can’t interpret.