Source: Deep Learning on Medium

The new buzzword in the town is Data Science. One can feel its heat in every Tech Park. Reason being the job satisfaction and high pay obviously. The demand for the data scientist is growing exponentially. High demand is the tool to start one’s career as a Data Scientist. The high time to become a data scientist is now.

In order to learn Data Science everyone is curious for knowing the sources where they can learn in a fashion that can train them professionally also. If one look for online resources to learn Data science, n number of sources will be present but the thing which matters is the credibility. Are they credible enough to rely on? We also went through such dilemma when we started our journey towards Data Science.

Here is a compilation of five online resources to learn Data Science:


Unlike other online resources, they do not use videos of lecture. The interactive coding challenges help to learn Data Science. al. The lecture screen is divided into two halves, one where all the course material exist and another half where you can write codes and run them. Because of this, one gets hands on experience to the enthusiasts. It is designed for everyone whether you are a beginner or a pro.


Previously know as Big Data University is an IBM initiative. It offers several learning paths ranging from Data Analysis to Hadoop. Course material includes video lectures and labs. The videos are simple and crux and if you are following any course on it you should never skip labs. On completion of courses it also give badges by IBM which may count a lot during your interviews.


Coursera is the hub of all the MOOCs. Not only data science but one can find courses on variety of topics. They have very high credibility. Most are the courses are designed by universities like University of Illinois, Stanford, Yale, Michigan, etc. Tech giants like Google and IBM’s courses are also available. Assignments are extremely good and checks knowledge in depth. Also coursera has a wide acceptance on LinkedIn.


Deeplearning.ai has been started by the legend of Machine Learning, Andrew Ng. He is the pioneer in the field. Though the website mainly deals in Deep Learning but it also has many Machine Learning stuff including the draft of ML book by Andrew Ng himself. Deeplearning.ai is extremely good for those who are AI enthusiasts.


This one is our favorite, it is co-founded by Jeremy Howard and Rachael Thomas. Course instructor is Howard who was the president of Kaggle. For those who do not know, Kaggle is an online community for Data Science enthusiasts owned by Google. Howard will take you deep into some real time coding and analysis. He has focused more on doing rather than going through theories. It is one of the most advance resources for data science till now. This is something worth doing.