A year at a hipster co-working space in Seoul— Hyundai Card Studio Black

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Meet Our Neighbors

Studio Black’s Concierge manager, Soo Hyung Whang.

Q. How long have you been working at Studio Black?

S. I’ve been working since 2019 march, for about 10 months long.

Q. What’s your favorite place in Studio Black?

S. Sleeping room. I’ve visited other shared offices, but could not find other places where it has a good facility of a sleeping room as we have here.

Q. What’s your first impression of the place?

S. The first impression of it was a very trendy, hipster-like place. We also put a lot of resources into interior design, its furniture, and lighting. They are from renowned furniture companies and contains high values.

Q. Last question, how do you spend your time when you are not working?

S. I like to take a foodie place tour and watch movies for fun.

Kitchen and Game room — Photo by Haley Min

Marketing manager from Eden Chain, Esther

Q. Where is your team’s office located?

E. We are on the 11th Floor. I’ve been here in the building for 7 months.

Q. Can you introduce a little bit about Eden Chain?

E. Eden Chain is a blockchain technology development company. Our focus now is to create and provide service that can fast forward blockchain adoption by making the service available to people and convenient on the user’s side.

Q. What was your first impression of the building?

E. It’s very well curated, and I like the fact there are securities in the 1st floor and they are very friendly.

Q. What do you like the most about Studio Black?

E. They offer a lot of programs, and you are always welcome to participate in those programs.

Q. What’s your favorite place?

E. I like the Kithen and the Game Room, besides my office. It’s also open to use during weekends and 24-hours.

Q. How did the Open Innovation Program help Eden Chain?

E. I was at the party held by the building, and I met the vice-president of Hyundai Card and had a chance to talk about our company and our vision. There are really good networking opportunities if you seek them and actively participate.

Q. Last question, what do you like to do when not working?

E. I like finding out new coffee places and bakeries.