ABBYY Customers Look Toward the Future — It’s Digital

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ABBYY Customers Look Toward the Future — It’s Digital

I would like to share how ABBYY, a global leader in Digital Intelligence for the enterprise, is helping organizations like yours optimize their Digital Transformation projects with one solution — a platform approach.

ABBYY introduced its Digital Intelligence platform earlier this year as a single platform that integrates the industry’s most powerful Content Intelligence and Process Intelligence solutions. By deeply integrating these solutions, not only can they help you understand documents and process flows, but they can also give you a deeper understanding of the entire process lifecycle, including details that are only possible if you understand how data in particular documents impact the process (and vice versa).

Enough about Digital Intelligence, this is another story of why planning and executing a successful automation strategy is simply not possible without a comprehensive view of the business operation and all the details related to the People, Processes, and Data that impact its performance. You can read the first story of what it is like to be an ABBYY customer and learn about Costain, a leading smart infrastructure solutions company using a combination of ABBYY technology and RPA to drive efficiency where 80% of their purchase invoices no longer need human intervention.

Data is a Big Part of the ABBYY Customer Process Problem

Some of ABBYY’s Fortune 100 customers choose ABBYY due to their unmatched accuracy in process and content understanding. This and the robust feature sets that include easy to use point and click solutions. ABBYY solutions are simple to deploy with cloud, on-premises, and private cloud offerings that can get your next initiative off the ground in weeks rather than months. With millions of complex process workflows automated each year, companies like yours expect to save millions of dollars annually.

According to International Data Corp (IDC), data creation will reach 163 zettabytes by the year 2025. That is a ten-fold increase over the 16 zettabytes of data created in 2016 as a result of automation. While enterprise data creation was only about 30 percent that year, the number is expected to double, with enterprise accounting for 60 percent of data creation by 2025.

Yes, it’s real! The Age of the Digital Enterprise is upon us! The big data tsunami is hitting everything from enterprises to entrepreneurs. In the last 25 years, companies have produced a huge amount of data; yet extracting business value from this data still poses the toughest challenge to businesses trying to be more efficient or just to compete in the marketplace.

Now, what does this mean for things like the Census?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has recently committed to the ABBYY platform for data capture of Census forms at the 2021 Census, on a new and existing fleet of Kodak i5850s scanners.

ABS will partner with IT provider PwC Australia and workforce recruitment firm The Adecco Group to deliver key services.

ABS is planning a range of digital initiatives for the 2021 Census. The most significant is the digital service, which will include the online Census form, website, and a range of self-service options such as the ability to order a paper form. The ABBYY/Kodak Alaris 2021 Australian Census deal is valued at $A4 Million.

ABS has realized that to extract business value from Big Data, it required skills, technology, and an information foundation capable of handling high volumes and velocity of data.

Optimum allocation of human and machine tasks in the future will require broader analysis that combines RPA, emerging AI building blocks like ML, and process mining to identify staff training needs, locate process bottlenecks, and target application performance issues. — Forrester

Organizations that leverage and mine their data predictively have a significant competitive advantage over their rivals, as they can gain important insights and react quickly to expand their business in a way that was not possible without AI-enabled predictive analytics. Today’s advanced analytics technologies and techniques enable organizations to extract insights from data with previously unachievable levels of sophistication, speed, and accuracy.

While ABS is likely to be extremely pleased being on the growing list of ABBYY customers including numerous future 500 companies, here are a few things for you to consider when trying to extract business value from your Big Data and remaining competitive in the Age of the Digital Enterprise:

  • set clear business goals and priorities and ensure that the data you are processing matches those goals;
  • build your analytics capabilities based on your business priorities;
  • write a big data policy to establish the basic requirements for the general structure, format, identity, ownership, usage, and access for all information within the enterprise
  • give your data context: the data to be mined must be clearly described by “tagging” it with metadata;
  • get some analytics applications — let your analysis team explore the processed data and visually inspect the data for patterns, trends, and clusters.

Getting business value from big data requires statistical, technical, and business expertise. Even where the analytics tools exist, they must be tailored to achieve positive outcomes for both customers and the bottom line.

So why should you trust ABBYY?

Because over 5000 customers trust their business to them — including many of the World’s largest companies, ABBYY is the undisputed technology leader in the digital intelligence space and has hundreds of patents to prove it. Moreover, they are recognized by industry analysts as the leader in Intelligent Document Processing. Recently NelsonHall, a global analyst firm specializing in digital operations transformation, recognized ABBYY as a Leader in its NEAT vendor evaluation for Process Discovery and Mining. ABBYY is positioned in the top grouping in the comparative assessment among 15 vendors due to its ability to deliver immediate benefit and meet future client requirements.

Maybe it’s time you think about becoming an ABBYY customer… heck, the success of your digital enterprise might depend on it.