About me

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My name is Andrew, I was born and lived in Moscow, Russia for long 29 years. In 2016 I suddenly realized that that smooth and conventional life I had is not what I wanted at all. So I decided to move towards uncertainty.

For now, I’m 3-years Bali-based, working as a freelancer, have a beautiful dog and nice sunsets.

Ray (in the name of Ray Charles)
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What is the purpose of this blog?

I worked for many years in data science, machine/deep learning industries and I’d like to share my work, ideas, and insights. Most of my posts will be short — I will try to make updates as often as possible, but almost always they will contain the codes and links to GitHub.

I hope, my Reader, that you will find my blog useful and interesting. Comments, your ideas, and advice are more than welcome!

How can you find me?