About Us

Original article was published by Karanpreet Kaur Bains on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

The chatter never stops: New Updates launched! Is this version better? How is this going to change our lives? New Revolution in Technology!

Actually, it is quite endless.

So welcome to Neuron, a club under ASCII.

Who are we?

A group of pioneering students ready to bring you a one-stop for all things AI and ML.

A platform for students to collaborate, without any constraints of sections, semesters. All you need is a zest to learn, the urge to understand and shape the future ‘smart’ world.

The group is dedicated to taking all of its members and readers alike on a journey to explore the algorithms, the structures, and the code behind a simple hi, from a robot to the waves of transcending of data analysis.

So why are we called Neuron?

A neuron is the basic nerve cell of the nervous system in the body, that helps translate thoughts and commands into actions; AI mechanisms also work on the concept of building a deep network of data-understanding and feeding between a device and its user, the Machine Learning Science is the neuron of the AI technology and hence, to honor that connection we are named Neuron.

A club working towards creating engineers with more knowledge to be prepared to accept the wave of the new technology that seems to hit us all, a little too frequently than we’d like.

What do we do?

Experienced students with knowledge of the subject, act as mentors, and hold training sessions daily. This promotes a friendlier environment for students to learn as they interact with their seniors and gain hands-on and practical knowledge.

The group hosts these learning sessions weekly and accommodates students with any kind of knowledge, whether beginners or those at an intermediate level.

The club also plans to train these students to collaborate on projects and ideas as they continue to educate themselves on topics out of class.

Whether it is something completely out of ordinary or something too extraordinary to understand, the members of the club work hard towards providing its members and others alike to the knowledge that they seek.