Accelerating AI Adoption with AI Starter Kit

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Enterprises of all sizes are attempting to deploy AI solutions and validate their return on investment. Yet, despite the benefits of AI, many businesses find it challenging to identify and procure independent components of an end-to-end AI application.

Recognizing these challenges, the IBM Cognitive Software team has created an AI Starter Kit. This AI Starter Kit enables your enterprise to start with a small dedicated AI on-premise environment that can be shared across your business and easily scale as your AI applications grow. The AI Starter Kit is designed for client environments that support the work of one to four data scientists. The AI Starter Kit provides a low-cost entry point and is shipped with pre-installed AI software. IBM Lab services are also bundled in the AI Starter Kit offering for rapid enablement and education.

AI Starter Kit Design Considerations

The AI Starter Kit bundles in 2 AC922 compute nodes with twoV100 GPUs each, an optional storage server (NFS is recommended) and IBM Watson ML Accelerator (WMLA) Software.

AI Starter Kit Bundle Details

WMLA software provides support for major AI Frameworks and GPU-aware resource sharing. These options allow your data science team to efficiently share expensive AI hardware.

For large AI models that require extending GPU memory (32GB maximum on V100), WMLA leverages NVLink 2.0 that can use system memory for GPU operations. This function alleviates the data scientist from worrying about GPU memory limitations and instead, focus on the core aspect of solving a business problem.

In creating the AI Starter Kit, IBM took the following considerations into account:

  • Optimizing for Cost and Performance
  • Pre-install and configuration of Watson-ML Accelerator
  • Bundling of On-Site services for customer enablement and education

To learn more about the AI Starter Kit reach out to the IBM Cognitive Solutions Center (CSSC) team. The CSSC team will provide you with information and more detailed configuration of the starter kit based on your specific needs. You can email the CSSC team ( to start a discussion. Additionally, you can also contact your IBM Sales Representative or IBM Business Partner. To identify your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, call 1-800-IBM-4YOU (426–4968) in the US.

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