AI and Global Challenges

Original article can be found here (source): Artificial Intelligence on Medium

This article was written in 2019 → hence it does not refer to coronavirus, (the article is more or less focused on the size of the tech company)

How privacy, as well as security matters for the citizens → but AI, did not play a big role in AI → for a global pandemic.

Both the US and China → are very interested in AI → this is because → the fundamental → AI can increase productivity → and this is the basis of economical development.

The people who have survived the AI winter → AlphaBet, as well as Alibaba → all of those companies, are the biggest ones. (AI will create a lot of different jobs as well).

Data is advantage → more AI → more automation → more product but fewer jobs → this is funny. (and in this age → Data is the new oil → this will get more true)

Data can be strengthened → China is good since → they have one government.

Start-Up → they are a new and very valuable company → need to survive the first five years. (this is the key time). (is the next AI company going to be a trillion-dollar AI?).

Education is key → we need to pass on the knowledge → for AI. (a lot of Germany university → does a lot of research). (there was a time when AI researchers → got a lot of money → but this will come down → as the market is calming down).

The technology will survive. (it seems like back in 2019 → Europ was not focusing on AI research that much → and the writer was mad about it). (Data Protection is important and the field still need some kind of regulation).

What kind of AI do we want as a society → and how can we achieve them?

AGI, as well as a better user controller, have to be developed → someday AI could be smart as a kid. (there is going to be a lot of job changes → people who do manual or basic labour → is going to be replaced)

But the wealth distribution → is not going to look good → since only few selected company will grow.