Ai and It Operations — A New Synchronisation

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Ai and It Operations — A New Synchronisation

Artificial intelligence used to automate IT operations, or AIOps, is a new algorithm of deep learning used in the field of information technology to speed up enterprises and their response timings to incidents.

Information technology is constantly changing and transforming. Old systems cannot keep up with it and are thus obsolete. There is a need for smart and fast computer programs which can keep learning and re-use learnt skills.

“Trends show that worldwide spending on AI systems will hit the $77.6 billion mark in 2020, three times the amount forecasted for 2018, the IDC revealed recently.” Trends also show AIOps will become of prime importance when it comes to problem solving and speeding up detection of incidents and their consequent remediation.

As AIOps tools and appendages mature, IT systems will be assisted in working on and processing a larger variety of data types in an enhanced manner.

AI experts claim “AIOps will be used to enhance and increase natural language processing, analysis of the root cause of problems, detection of anomalies, and correlation and analysis of events, among other IT functions, thus giving IT operations professionals greater control over their systems.”

AI technology can help revolutionise vital industries like healthcare and agriculture. An example is the development of the highly intuitive Chatbot which gives more human like responses to customers. For instance, the Chatbot, is helping farmers with farming techniques which predict weather patterns and crop cycles.

“In 2020, it is expected of IT firms to introduce data-source-agnostic solutions…This will directly translate to mean users can determine, more accurately, issues, foresee impacts and fathom how change can affect business-critical activities.”

One drawback of the current AIOps systems is that they take a long time to on-board and they take time training company professionals in the use of the AI software. Even feeding the software with vast amounts of data and information is a time consuming process.

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