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What is AI & Data Science? Skill Sets required to secure a job?

Artificial Intelligence– It is a technique which enables machines to mimic human behaviour.

Machine Learning– Subset of AI, which use statistical methods to enable machines to improve with experience.

Deep Learning — Subset of ML, Algorithms inspired by the structure & function of the human brain

Simple Difference between ML & DL is execution time-

1) If you want to train a model by using a Machine learning algorithm. Comparable to deep learning it takes less time

  • Testing time will be more in Machine Learning comparable to Deep Learning
  • Data Dependency

Data Science — All the techniques from AI, ML, DL apart from this some tools like statistics, linear algebra and many more. This is all about the basic difference among them

A data scientist can work on techniques of AI, ML, DL

Companies which are hiring a Data Scientist in the UK:

38% are Tech IT Industry

35% Industrial Sector

24% Financial Sector

Healthcare sector not considered

Career Progression based on UK data(2019):

32% = 0–12 months work experience

24%= 1–2 years

22%= 2- 3 years

14%= 3–5 years

8%= 5+ years

Skills required :

Programming tools like R, Python and Database querying language like SQL

  • Data Visualization and Communication is incredibly very important
  • Companies want to see that you are a data-driven problem solver
  • Understanding statistics is very important as a Data Scientist. You must be familiar with statistical tests, MLE, distributions etc..
  • All the time the data you are going to analyze is going to be a disturbance and difficult to work with. So, it’s really important to know how to deal with imperfections in data
  • You will want to be familiar with machine learning methods
  • Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra understanding these concepts is most important at companies where the product is defined by data and improvement in predictive performance can lead to huge wins for the company

Job roles :

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer

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