AI Dev Day-Recap

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AI Dev Day was a success! With over 1.5k+ registrations, 2500+ unique live viewers and 3.5k+ impressions on YouTube to date(28.09.2020).

They say, “Learning is a Lifelong Process” and we know learning is the first step towards growing! AI Dev Day was organized with the noble motive of sharing knowledge and helping developers grow.

AI Dev Day Conference was a single day, virtual, free event on AI & Cloud held on the 26th of September 2020. It was a free, community driven event, where industry experts presented demo-driven code-focused sessions!

AI Dev Day was well received and was not limited to India, it was joined by attendees all over the world! Our amazing speaker bureau stole the show with superb presentations and demos. We had speakers from leading companies, joining us from across the world, and some student speakers as well!

Speaker line up at AI Dev Day 👨‍💻 👩‍💻

Here’s the sneak peek of AI Dev Day speakers and agenda 👉

Missed the live broadcast? 📺 We have got you covered! Check them out here.

Want a preview of AI Dev Day? Follow the twitter thread below👇

An event is considered to be a success when participants enjoy it and learn something from it!

Let us see what AI Dev Day participants had to say about our event! 👇

We also had the Azure Dev Challenge! That was taken up by many!

We made sure, that our attendees enjoy the program thoroughly, for that we had organized a fun quiz! Here’s our happy winner 🤩👇

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This conference wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support from our Community Partners who helped us reach a larger and diverse set of audiences. Here’s a list of Community Partners we had for the AI Dev Day conference!

We also had our amazing streaming partners, who helped us reach a wider audience, throughout the world! Extending our heartfelt gratitude to them.

This conference was made possible because of Microsoft Azure sponsoring the whole conference – our heartiest thanks for supporting the event.

Announcement 📢

While it’s a wrap for AI Dev Day, the Azure Dev Challenge is still on! 🤓Make sure you participate, to receive a rare collection of Azure Hero Badge.✅

While October is the season of a festival in India! 🥳
It’s a season of fest for developers too! 🤓
With open source ruling this entire month, level 🆙 your contributions with us on
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